Our staff have high expectations for the children and are motivated to ensure all children succeed. Here are the names of the staff who will be helping the children to learn, develop and thrive on their 'learning journey'.

Nursery Director

Joy - BA Hons Degree / EYP (Level 6)

Nursery Teacher

Becky - BA Hons Degree / PGCE / QTS (Level 6)

Swallowdale Nursery Staff

Nursery Manager

Kate (Level 3)


Team Leaders

Shirley (Level  3)

 Helen (Level 3)



Angie (Level 3)

Kimberley (Training towards Level 5)

Victoria (Level 3)

Marie U (Level 3)

Marie J (Level 2)

Sarah (Level 2)



JBCC Nursery Staff

Nursery Manager

Sally (Level 6)


Deputy Manager

Hannah (Level 6)


Team Leaders

Bev (Level 3)

Nina (Level 3)

Debbie (Level 3)



Carly (Level 3)

Lesley (Level 3)

Charlotte (Level 3)

Tara (Level 3)

Jessica (Level 3)

Melanie (Level 3)

Milena (Level 3)

Emily (Level 3)

 Sally C (Level 2)

Gemma (Level 2)

Jodie (Level 2)